Who are we?

A few friends of the CERET (66) region concerned with the preservation of the environment and our quality of life decided to eradicate disposable cups from local events!

An idea: Make washable cups available to the public to replace the traditional disposable plastic cups in exchange for a deposit of 1 euro.

End the generation of disposables!
  • 2005 : The creation of “ECOCUP, Sustainable Development” association (law 1901)
  • 2006 : Proposal of the concept at an event
  • 2007 : Three festivals adopt the reusable cup
  • 2008 : Creation of “ECOCUP Distribution Ltd.”
To win the support of all participants of an event, we have implemented a range of products and services.

It was necessary to find ways of changing the habits of the public, the event organisers and volunteers, without compromising the operation of the bars, avoiding disruption and financial loss through the counters..
  • 2009 : Ecocup builds a network of local branches across large areas of France.
  • 2009 : Ecocup is recognised as a Reintegration Company for its economic activity
  • 2010 : Workforce: 22.34 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • 2011 : Entered into three washing partnerships with ESAT (Establishment and Work Assistance Service)
  • 2012 : International Development (Switzerland, Belgium)
  • 2012 : Approval for 6 reintegration posts
  • 2012 : Staff: 32 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

The result?

70 to 80% less waste!

7,000,0000 glasses washed every year!

The result of our action is very positive, more and more organisers are adopting the Ecocups;

Vieilles Charrues Festival: 33.5 tonnes of waste were produced in 2009 with the use of disposable cups. Two festivals later, 22.5 tons of plastic are saved through reusables.

Le Mans: 5 tons of plastic eliminated in 2011 or put another way, 30 m3

Like the supermarkets who are working at eliminating disposable plastic bags, we can imagine a similar change over time with respect to glasses, the "reusable" replacing the "disposable"

More than ever before, protection of the environment is the responsibility of everyone, together contributing to save even more plastic by changing from "the disposable to the sustainable"


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