A citizen’s approach


Act to preserve the environment through simple gestures: it is the duty of each of us, it is a citizen’s action.

From individual action to collective action:

Gradually, gesture after gesture, adding all individual efforts can have positive effects on the environment. Thus, if each of us replaces a disposable cup with a reusable one, we can eliminate the production of one-way products. If everyone uses a reusable cup, there will be no more disposable cups abandoned on the ground.
Thus, the totality of individual actions leads to a global change of behavior.
The implementation of reusable glasses in a demonstration has prompted consumers of aluminium cans or cartons plates to further throw their waste in garbage cans. Therefore, this will gradually become the physiognomy of a changing event. Hence, cleanliness strengthens the attractiveness of a site or an event.

A deposit: a means to give a sense of responsibility

Each reusable cup is subject to a fee of 1 GBP or 2 GBP. It now has a symbolic value. This value represents the manufacturing cost of a cup and also reflects the ecological footprint it generates at its production. But unlike a disposable cup, its use is almost infinite. The implementation of a deposit leads therefore each consumer toward individual responsibility. In fact, the reusable cup is not abandoned, it is reused.
ECOCUP wants to keep the idea of ​​a 1 GBP or 2 GBP deposit. The cup is only a container, i.e. an object that serves a given use. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to return to the consumer his /her deposit in exchange for the cup. ECOCUP will not enter into any partnership with organizers who wish to sell the reusable cups, without putting in place the deposit system, except in certain very specific cases.

The reuse of the cup in the private sphere

Among individuals in corporations, these cups find a second life. They are used by children without risk of breakage. Adults also reuse them for holidays, picnics, camping. Students testify that they use them for their evenings. Companies use these cups to replace disposable cups for coffee machines and water fountains

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