A quality cup


To provide consumers a quality product. The cups can bring added value to an event.

Decorated cups:

The ECOCUP reusable cups are made ​​of polypropylene. These cups are recyclable.
They also have a rigid appearance. This makes them more pleasant to use. In addition, they can hold a hot or cold liquid without being damaged.
The cups are also vectors of communication. They are customizable and serve as an advertising support and souvenir item at a public event. They highlight the colours of the event and contribute to its visibility.

Different cups according to usage:

ECOCUP offers a range of cups of different sizes given the types of uses. To combine business with pleasure, we offer cup-holders, in the form of bracelets for cups, equipped with a hook which helps keep the cup on oneself.

Clean and controlled cups:

The reusable cups are washed at the end of an event or that very evening depending on the size of the event. At this point, they are checked and cleaned in washing machines in accordance to the applicable hygienic standards. They are repackaged in boxes inside bags for food usage.

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