A simple concept and an "all inclusive" service


To provide an easy system to implement for all organizers.

Hiring reusable cups:

To meet the expectations of the public and organizers, ECOCUP offers 2 types of cups: "generic" cups and "customized" cups.
Generic cups come in a simple design. They are intended to be used from event to event. Customized cups bear the logo and colours of the event for which they have been ordered. Printed in limited edition quantities, they can be a souvenir item of the event.

Available material:

Cup holders

ECOCUP has invented the principle of the cup holders. Practical as they are, they help keep the cup on oneself at any time and in any place. Consisting of a bracelet in which the cup is set and a hook to wear it around the neck, waist or shoulder, 2 cup holder models can be made ​​available to the public.

Counting devices and posters

The implementation of reusable glasses is very simple! To store and count the cups, counting devices are installed behind bars. This practical tool consists of 5 PVC tubes; each device can receive 125 cups which are then deposited in a box reserved for the deposit of dirty cups.
ECOCUP also offers posters to hang up near bars and deposit points to explain how the system operates.
Follow-up sheets can provide details of the deposited clean cups and the number of recovered dirty cups.

This system has been proven in major sporting and recreational events. The organizers and the public have approved the concept proposed by ECOCUP.

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