A financially viable concept for the organizer


To propose a concept that is accessible to all, regardless of their financial means.
The reusable cup is an economically viable solution.
A saving to the Community:
Today, thanks to reusable cups, some events have reduced the volume of waste by 80%.
Contrary to popular belief, the disposable comes with a cost. For example, cleaning costs after a festival or feria are huge.
Since the implementation of reusable cups, the Féria de Condom (Gers), which draws an average of 35 000 people has divided its cleaning time by 2. In other Ferias in the south-west of France, cities have managed to reduce their cleaning cost by 40%, simply by using reusable cups.
Also, the as-desired reuse helps to avoid the constant manufacturing of new cups. In the medium to long term, reusable cups will become important sources of savings.

A concept accessible to all:

ECOCUP has endeavoured to propose a concept that can apply to all event organizers, whatever their size.

ECOCUP offers a range of options for the rental or purchase of cups according to the financial means of each individual.
Each cup is handed over against a deposit of 1 GBP. Thus, each cup not given back in exchange of the deposit (mainly souvenir cups) generates 1 GBP income to the organizer.

2 cup holder models are available for sale on commission. Only the sold cup holders are invoiced. The others are taken back free of charge.
A manufactured disposable cup costs an average of 2.5 to 5 cents. Some brewers offer these cups but they calculate their cost in the price of the drink.

Reusable cups become a new medium of communication and advertising. Some events have sponsored the cups.

Reusable cups guarantee the cleanliness of a place. Thus, the time and costs of cleaning is reduced.

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